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Recently retired Principal /Educator – Mr. E.L. Ricketts


Mr. E.L. Ricketts diligently served the Edwin Allen “family” for over twenty years. His tenure as principal spanned two decades (1986-2008).He was notably known for his sterling contribution to the development and growth of sports and sporting facilities at Edwin Allen High school. Under his leadership, the school’s outstanding performance in track and field received local and international acclamation. Thus, he was affectionately called the “sports principal.” He was passionate about the school’s contribution to the community of Frankfield and its environs. Additionally, the quality education it offered students. According to Mr. Ricketts, his thrust forward was to aim at guiding students to develop and maintain a discipline approach to their lessons and life, to work hard and prepare themselves for the future, to love and respect self, neighbour and country. In pursuit of these ideals, he exemplified the motto “Transeamus in Exemplum”. Let us be an outstanding example.


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