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Mr. F.C. Latty (M.A., BSC)

Edwin Allen High school pioneers the Comprehensive concept of Secondary schools in Jamaica. It was the first rural comprehensive school in Jamaica. The school’s success can be attributed to one of the great pioneers and former principal, Mr. F.C. Latty. He had severed through the school’s transitional phase from Frankfield High School to Edwin Allen Comprehensive High School.

He served as principal for twenty two years, 1964 – 1985. Mr. Latty conducted the school’s first devotional exercise on the corridors of the workshop block. He encouraged staff and students to make the school an outstanding one as they ushered off to four available classrooms.  Today, his rich legacy lives on at Edwin Allen High school.

Regrettably Mr. F.C. Latty passed away in 1992. His beloved wife Frances served the school on a part time basis until 1997. As Edwin Allen High charts its path on the road to success these words were echoed by the late Mr. F.C. Latty (1983), “It is education that forms the common mind, as the twig bent so the tree is inclined”


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