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Monday, 06 December 2010 18:28

Edwin Allen High

The word champion is frequently used when describing the Edwin Allen High School. The school has made Jamaica and its people very proud; from its dominance at the Penn relays held in city of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania to around the world. It was this champion attitude that caught the attention of the Coalition. Not only were the athletes proud to be champions but they were also proud to embrace the country and school that they were from. Such as the ambassadorial athletes of Miss Shauna Andersons, Miss Shakeeri, Miss Lantanya Nation and Miss Kimberly just to name of few.

Mr. Batchelor, the President of Coalition for Jamaica met with the Coach of Edwin Allen High School Mr. Michael Dyke in April of 2008 at the Penn Relays. During the meeting you could see where the students got their humbleness. As Mr. Dyke spoke about how proud he was of the performance of his athletes, even though they failed to advance in one area, his humbleness was quite noticeable. Mr. Batchelor was so touched with his devotion that he asked Mr. Dyke if there was anything that the Coalition could do to help; from the calm manner of his character Mr. Dyke then emphasized that some of the athletes could have advanced further if they had practiced more back home. Which he explains is very difficult. Most of them go to practice on an empty stomach so it becomes difficult to have a long practice as needed. What it seemed like was that most of Edwin Allen High School Athletes are champions at heart but remain relatively hunger at the stomach.

Mr. Bachelor expressed this concern to the Coalition’s Board Members, which were also touched. In May of 2008, one month after the Penn’s Relay, Mr. Bachelor went to Jamaica to visit the school. Upon arriving at the School Mr. Bachelor felt the love that was giving by those who warmly welcomed him. After a 45 minutes tour of the school Mr. Bachelor met with the Principal. With the confirmation from Mr. Batchelor, the Coalition for Jamaica agreed to one year supply of food for the runners from. The agreement is from September 2008 to September 2009. Along with food will come some garment of clothing and personal care items. Therefore, if you are able to pitch in as individual or group then please do so, as this donation(s) is for a well deserved cause.


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